Keep it simple Bitcoin Videos


Step by step guides and tutorials

Import & Export + Settings

Learn how to import, backup and erase wallets on the Coldcard, how to generate new wallets with dice rolls and review settings on the Coldcard.

Hardware Wallet

Learn how to use a Bitcoin hardware wallet with Electrum. We use a Trezor for this tutorial and cover setup from seed to transaction.

Watch Only Wallets

Learn how to create a watch only Bitcoin wallet with Electrum. This is a wallet that can not spend, only used to monitor incoming transactions and balances.

Restoring a Wallet

Learn how to restore a native Electrum wallet. Electrum can also restore BIP39 wallets.

Standard Bitcoin Wallet

Learn how to setup an Electrum Bitcoin wallet. We cover all setup options,parameters and make a Bitcoin transaction.

Wasabi Wallet

Learn how to preserve your privacy with Wasabi Wallet, one of the best privacy focused bitcoin wallets.


Opendime is a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill. Pass it along multiple times. Connect to any USB to check balance. Unseal anytime to spend online.


Learn how to connect Electrum Bitcoin wallet to your NODL via Electrum server. Transact privately using your full node and wallet.

Blockstream Green Wallet

Learn how to use Blockstream Green Bitcoin wallet. A mobile Bitcoin wallet with unique security and privacy features.