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Setup Caravan Bitcoin Multi Signature
And Price Bet

Learn How to setup a Bitcoin multi-sig wallet with Unchained Capital's Caravan

Caravan Bitcoin multi signature(multi-sig) wallet is a stateless and flexible multi-sig wallet creation tool that can integrate with your hardware wallet and your bitcoin node. Caravan makes it easy to build and spend from multi-sig addresses right in your web browser.

In the video we use a 2 of 3 multi-sig setup to lock up funds for our Bitcoin price bet. Each key in the setup is held by a hardware wallet (Trezor) and the condition to spend from this address is 2 of the 3 signatures involved.

Will the bitcoin price drop below $3858 before October 2020.

If you want to verify funds are in the wallet or donate to the winner of the bet – the bitcoin address is: bc1q9yx0g7w674cysvhcafxkhpjzcepq9xyqlc0h8g3ezewf0u9wmzqqxn2te0


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