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How To Use Coldcard Seed XOR

Coldcard Seed XOR can help you create additional layers of security to protect your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Security Guide

Learn how to secure and custody your Bitcoin from start to finish.

How To Use CKBUNKER: Coldcard HSM Mode

Achieve enterprise level security with the Coldcard hardware wallet in HSM mode.

How To Use Cobo Vault Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Properly setup a Cobo Vault hardware wallet to protect your Bitcoin.

How To Use JoinMarket
Bitcoin Privacy Software

Improve your privacy with joinmarket CoinJoins.

How To Verify Coldcard’s Dice Roll Math

Independently verify Coldcard wallets seed generation math.

How To Use Fully Noded Bitcoin Wallet For iPhone

Fully Noded is the easiest way to interact with your Bitcoin Full Node from a mobile device.

How To Use Specter Wallet
Multi Signature

Create a 2-3 setup with Coldcard and Bitcoin Core.

How To Use Specter Wallet

Learn to use Specter wallet with a Bitcoin Full Node.

How To Setup Coldcard Wallet

Securely setup Coldcard, overview of all the options and airgapped transactions with electrum


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