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How To Use Fully Noded Bitcoin Wallet For iPhone

Fully Noded is the easiest way to interact with your Bitcoin Full Node from a mobile device.

Created for Mac and iPhones – Fully Noded Bitcoin wallet is a comprehensive tool to interact with Bitcoin in a simple and secure way.

Learn more about Fully Noded at their Github page.

After downloading Fully Noded, your Bitcoin Core Full Node needs to be setup to communicate with the app. Enter the RPC credentials, along with your nodes address.

As soon as the full node is paired, you will see a detailed panel of information. All the nodes information is presented on this page. The node tools section gives you access to commands you would normally need to manually input via Bitcoin RPC commands.

Once the application is setup, you can create or import wallets. A Fully Noded Bitcoin wallet is versatile -it can create hot and cold wallets and many popular hardware wallets can integrate with the application. In the guide we create a single signature hot wallet and then import a Coldcard hardware wallet as a watch only wallet.

Using the watch only wallet, we create a transaction, export the PSBT file onto the Coldcard via MicroSD card, sign the transaction and transfer the signed PSBT back to the Iphone to import into Fully Noded and send it.


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