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How To Use Coldcard Seed XOR

Coldcard Seed XOR can help you create additional layers of security to protect your Bitcoin.

Learn how to use Coldcard Seed XOR to protect your Bitcoin

Coldcard Seed XOR is a plausibly deniable way of storing secrets in two or more parts that look and behave like the original secret. One 24-word seed phrase becomes two or more parts that are also BIP-39 compatible seed phrases.

With Seed XOR, you can split the words you have already in your Coldcard, making two, three or four new seed phrases. You can also combine many seeds into one. Take any number of existing seeds you have, and combine them to make a new random wallet that is the XOR of their values – creating a new 24 word seed.

These new seed words (parts) can be individually loaded with honeypot funds as each one is a unique 24 word seed phrase.You can store funds on the seeds of any part, and any subset of parts, which opens even more duress options.A honeypot in this instance is a decoy wallet used to mislead attackers and protect your main bitcoin stash.

These should be backed up in your preferred method.I’d recommend a good metal backup.


You must have all parts, because any combination of less than all parts is a valid Seed XOR wallet too.

No one can help you if you lose any parts. Plan ahead and keep redundant backups.


To learn more about how the seeds are generated, go to Coldcard Seed XOR’s documentation page.


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